About GoldChains.com

GoldChains.com is part of the JewelryDomains.com network, and is the "Official Site of Gold Chains".  Our goal is to educate, inform, valuate, and help innovate the gold chains market.

The fashion aspect, as well as the monetary value of gold chains, make gold chains one of the most unique jewelry products in the world.


Gold chains account for a large percentage of the gold jewelry sales worldwide, and are popular in almost every culture.  Since gold chains can be worned "as is", or adorned with a valuable gemstone, there are different styles and types.

Additionally, innovations in alloys may enable gold chain enthusiasts to create lighter chains that still contain a large percentage of physical gold in the future.


This site is still in beta mode, which means new features and value adds are yet to come.​  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us