Gold chains, or gold necklaces, are circular pieces of jewelry that adorn the neck.  Gold chains may be very thin and support a pendant, or gold chains may be very large and thick. 


Thick gold chains have become very popular in pop culture in the last few decades.  Perhaps most notable is the TV personality "Mr. T", who helped create the phenomon of sporting very thick gold chains.


The value of a gold chain depends upon two factors, the gold purity (karat) and weight (ounces).  Very heavy gold chains that also have a high gold purity like 18K or 22K can be extremely valuable.

Gold is a naturally occuring element, symbol AU on the periodic table, and has been used as money for thousands of years.  Gold prices have been steadily climbing since the United States abondoned the gold standard in 1971.

Gold chains are truly the intersection of fashion and money.

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