The most common gold chain styles are figaro chains, rope chains, mariner chains, and Cuban link or curb gold chains.  Below is a description of each major style of gold chains.

Gold Figaro Chains:

Figaro chains originated in Italy and can look similar to curb chains.  The design typically consists of two or three small circular links followed by one elongated oval link.

Gold Rope Chains:

Rope chains have small links twisted in a pattern to resemble an actual rope.  Gold rope chains are very popular within the hip hop community.

Gold Mariner Chains:

Mariner chains are also called anchor chains.  The mariner chain design consists of thick oval links with a defining bar passing through each link.

Gold Cuban Link Chains:

Cuban link chains are a variation of standard cable chains.  The Cuban link design consists of oval shaped links with an interlocking pattern. 

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